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Frequently Asked Questions

Investigator Support Program

What is the Investigator Support Program?

Apple created the Investigator Support Program to provide health researchers with the opportunity to receive Apple devices for use in research studies. Learn more about the Investigator Support Program.

Which Apple devices does the Investigator Support Program provide?

The Investigator Support Program most commonly focuses on Apple Watch devices.

How many Apple Watch devices can I request?

While there is no specific limit, Apple has a limited number of devices available for the program. In your application, please provide justification for the quantity requested. Apple will consider which model of Apple Watch is appropriate based on the features needed for your research.

Which features are supported on each model of Apple Watch?

Not all features are available on all models or in all regions. You can learn more by comparing Apple Watch models and viewing watchOS feature availability by region.

Does the Investigator Support Program provide support with app development?

No. Apple does not provide support for app development under the Investigator Support Program. However, you may find that our open source developer frameworks ResearchKit and CareKit may streamline app creation for your developer.

Where can I learn about how others are using Apple Watch for research?

You can view the publications page to learn how others have used Apple Watch and Apple health features in their research.

How can my research/publication be featured on this website?

If you are interested in having your publication featured, please reach out to


How do I access data from Apple Watch for my research?

Data collected by Apple Watch is available to your iOS study app using the HealthKit API. Study participants will have the opportunity to grant your app permission for each requested data type.

What data types are available from Apple Watch?

A complete list of HealthKit data types can be found on the HealthKit developer page.

Can study participants contribute data from multiple Apple Watches?

Yes. Participants can switch between multiple Apple Watch devices paired to an iPhone. However, only one Apple Watch can be used at any given time.

Can I access real-time heartbeat data?

No. You cannot access real-time heartbeat data. Please refer to the HealthKit developer pages for more details on Heartbeat data.

How can I access more frequent Heart Rate data?

Higher frequency Heart Rate data is available within HealthKit for samples collected during Workouts and ECG sessions. Higher frequency samples are also available through the SensorKit API. However, this requires a entitlement from Apple. Learn more about SensorKit.

ResearchKit and CareKit

What is ResearchKit and CareKit?

ResearchKit and CareKit are open source developer frameworks that include commonly required modules for health research and care delivery applications. Example modules include a survey engine, visual consent flow, and tasks lists.

You can view the tutorial video to get started.

How much does it cost to use ResearchKit or CareKit?

There is no cost to use the ResearchKit or CareKit open source developer frameworks. Access license information on ResearchKit and CareKit.

How do I setup a ResearchKit and CareKit project?

Please visit How to set up a ResearchKit or CareKit project to get more information.

Can I access health data from Apple Watch using ResearchKit?

Health and fitness data collected by Apple Watch is available through the HealthKit API. You will need to develop an iOS app that allows participants in your research study to consent to sharing this data with you. ResearchKit includes modules that simplify use of HealthKit in your app.

Where can I access a glossary of ResearchKit and CareKit terms?

The glossary is available on the resource page.


What is SensorKit?

The SensorKit framework makes additional data types available for research use through an entitlement. Participants must be using an iPhone running iOS 14+ and grant your app permission for each requested data type. You can apply for the entitlement through the SensorKit Research Proposal.

App Store

How can I get my app on the App Store?

You can learn how to submit your iOS app to the App Store on the iOS Developer Page. You can also find requirements for app design, app review submissions, and other guidelines on the App Store Developer Page.

Can I limit distribution or access to my app on the App Store?

You can release your app so it is unlisted on the App Store and only discoverable with a direct link. Read more about Unlisted App Distribution.