Getting Started, Development and Launch

Investigator Support Program

At Apple, we are continuously inspired by the innovative ways the research, clinical, and developer communities leverage our products and platforms. We are excited to announce a program that will support these communities in their future work.

With ResearchKit and CareKit, it’s easier than ever to create apps to conduct research studies, as well as deliver novel care programs. We have seen first hand how researchers and clinicians are able to accomplish even more in their research and care programs with the addition of Apple Watch, and we want to help more people have the same kind of success.

To better support the efforts of these incredible communities we are piloting a new program to support investigators. This program will give groups and individuals the opportunity to receive Apple Watches to include in their research study or care program. Once proposals are submitted to the Investigator Support team, they will be evaluated based on study design, utilization of Apple products and frameworks, ability to operationalize the proposed study, and the impact to users, patients, and/or the scientific community.

Investigator Support Program Overview

  • Apple Watches provided to selected investigators.
  • Process will include proposal submission, competitive evaluation, followed by awarding devices to be used in studies.
  • Evaluation criteria prioritizes projects that advance science, enable people to lead healthier lives, uniquely leverage our products and frameworks, and involve well thought out development plans.

To be considered for this program, email for more information on how to get started.