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advance research and care.
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Take your work
further with ResearchKit and CareKit.

Care providers and researchers from all over the world are producing new medical discoveries and advancing patient care with apps built using ResearchKit and CareKit – our open source code. With ResearchKit, CareKit and other tools you can develop an app that can drive health science through research at scale, or change the way you deliver care to patients beyond the confines of a lab or doctor's office. Discover how an app could take your work further and join a global community that is transforming health through technology.

Take research out of the lab.

With ResearchKit, you can build apps that enroll more participants and conduct studies at a scale never seen before. Move beyond the lab and reach people wherever they are for a more robust, real-world cohort.

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UNC conducts the largest study ever on postpartum depression.

Get a better picture of your patients’ health.

Apps built with CareKit engage patients in their care and recovery by giving them the opportunity to track and share daily progress from their devices. Now care providers have the chance to connect with patients outside of regular visits, and gather insights to provide better care.

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Johns Hopkins reinvents cardiac patient care with Corrie Health.

ResearchKit and CareKit work together seamlessly.

Each framework has its own customizable modules that can be used to create an app for research or care. Whether your app is used to conduct a research study or to offer better patient care, you can utilize elements of both frameworks to create it.

  • Gather informed consent
  • Build personalized care plans
  • Create surveys
  • Visualize trends
  • Conduct active evaluations
  • Connect with patients

Explore the possibilities.

Capture relevant data at scale and derive valuable insights with a variety of different modules from ResearchKit and CareKit. Here is just a snapshot of what you can do.

  • ResearchKit

    Easily build digital questionnaires
    from a library of survey templates.

  • ResearchKit

    Measure hearing thresholds and sound exposure to evaluate hearing health.

  • ResearchKit

    Conduct vision tasks to get a look at visual health.

  • CareKit

    Track daily symptoms and adherence to improve patient outcomes.

  • CareKit

    Deliver care plans that stay with your patients all day.

  • CareKit

    Connect with patients outside of regular visits.

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Check out some apps built with ResearchKit & CareKit.

  • Corrie Health

    An app designed to help patients recover from a heart attack.

    Johns Hopkins Digital

  • Caremap

    An app to help plan your child’s healthcare.

    Boston Children’s Hospital

  • Mom Genes Fight PPD

    A study to understand the causes of postpartum depression.

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Concussion Tracker

    A research study that tracks recovery from a concussion diagnosis.

    NYU Langone Medical Center

  • VascTrac

    A research study of peripheral artery disease.

    Stanford University

  • WebMD Pregnancy

    Track a baby’s growth and development, week by week.