new ways to deliver care.

Apps built with CareKit are improving care for some of the most challenging medical conditions today. Continue patient care at home with apps that can deliver personalized treatment, track daily progress, and generate trends over time.

What you can do with CareKit.

Tracking Function
Create treatment plans and track patient progress.

Give your patients a daily to-do list and empower them to take control of their care.

Intervention and Effectiveness
Gather insights and identify trends over time.

Display charts to provide meaningful insights and trends to patients.

Stay connected to your patients.

Enable patients to connect to their care providers with a single touch.

“CareKit empowers our patients to live healthier lifestyles. This helps us, as a care team, to better serve our patients.”

Quote by Tommy Korn, MD Sharp Health Companion app

CareKit apps are making it easier to provide better care and improve patient outcomes.

Stanford Children’s Health monitors infants with challenging heart defects.

Sharp elevates care for patients undergoing cataract surgery.

Check out some apps built for care.

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  • Stanford Children’s Link

    Home monitoring for newborns.

    Stanford Children’s Health

  • Pt Pal Pro

    Connecting patients to providers.

    Health Tech Pal Corp

  • Sharp Health Companion

    Supports cataract surgery patients.

    Sharp HealthCare

  • HealthSteps

    Empowering patients and advancing engagement.

    HealthSteps, LLC

  • Caremap

    An app to help plan your child’s healthcare.

    Boston Children’s Hospital

  • Penn Life Gained

    Comprehensive bariatric surgery program.

    Penn Medicine

  • Corrie Health

    An app designed to help patients recover from a heart attack.

    Johns Hopkins Digital

  • The Diary Health App

    Personalized health tracking and improvement.

    The Diary Corporation