Important discoveries are at your fingertips.

In 2015, ResearchKit was released to help researchers tackle some of the most common challenges facing medical research. Since then, researchers have been able to launch groundbreaking new studies through apps that reach participants at scale and produce breakthrough insights.

What you can do with ResearchKit.

Informed Consent
Gather informed consent from your participants quickly.

Study participants can provide signatures directly on their device.

Survey Function
Easily build questionnaires for your users.

Leave pen and paper behind and create surveys that are easy to complete from any iOS device.

Active Tasks
Use active tasks to capture sensor information.

ResearchKit uses Apple device sensors to measure a variety of tasks. Select any of the below to view a sample.

“With the ResearchKit platform, we have been able to conduct the largest genetic study of postpartum depression (PPD) with a global population of participants.”

Quote by Samantha Meltzer-Brody, MD, MPH UNC at Chapel Hill, Mom Genes Fight PPD App

Research apps are helping produce medical discoveries at a scale and pace never seen before.

An app from the FDA hopes to improve clinical research.

Apple’s Research app takes full advantage of ResearchKit.

Check out some apps built for research.

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  • Apple Researc‪h‬

    Delivering studies at scale.


  • VascTrac

    A research study of peripheral artery disease.

    Stanford University

  • MyHeart Counts

    Improves our understanding of heart health.

    Stanford University

  • MyGeneRank

    Exploring how genetic factors influence disease.

    The Scripps Research Institute

  • EpiWatch

    A research study for people with epilepsy.

    Johns Hopkins Digital

  • Corrie Health

    An app designed to help patients recover from a heart attack.

    Johns Hopkins Digital

  • MS Mosaic

    Seeks to understand Multiple Sclerosis from daily experiences.

    Duke Health

  • WebMD Pregnancy

    Track a baby’s growth and development, week by week.