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    Using mobile technology to engage sexual and gender minorities in clinical research

    May 2019

  • Flu-ReportJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    A New Influenza-Tracking Smartphone App (Flu-Report) Based on a Self-Administered Questionnaire: Cross-Sectional Study

    June 2018

  • Framingham Heart StudyJMIR Publications Internet Research

    Design and Preliminary Findings From a New Electronic Cohort Embedded in the Framingham Heart Study

    March 2019

  • mHealth ResearchJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    Patient-Facing Mobile Apps to Treat High-Need, High-Cost Populations: A Scoping Review

    December 2016


    C3-PRO: Connecting ResearchKit to the Health System Using i2b2 and FHIR

    March 2016

  • CorrieJMIR Publications Cardio

    Digital Health Innovation: A Toolkit to Navigate From Concept to Clinical Testing

    January 2018

  • CorrieJAMIA

    The role of a clinician amid the rise of mobile health technology

    August 2019

  • mHealth ResearchJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    Taking mHealth Forward: Examining the Core Characteristics

    August 2016

  • Asthma / EHR IntegrationNature npj digital medicine

    From smartphone to EHR: a case report on integrating patient-generated health data.

    June 2018

  • Recruitment MethodsJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    A Comparison of Recruitment Methods for an mHealth Intervention Targeting Mothers: Lessons from the Growing Healthy Program

    September 2016

  • mHealth ResearchJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    Beyond the Randomized Controlled Trial: A Review of Alternatives in mHealth Clinical Trial Methods

    September 2016

  • CorrieJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    Technical Guidance for Clinicians Interested in Partnering with Engineers in Mobile Health Development and Evaluation

    May 2019

  • PainJMIR Publications Internet Research

    Abstract Animations for the Communication and Assessment of Pain in Adults: Cross-Sectional Feasibility Study

    August 2018

  • AsthmaNature Biotechnology

    The Asthma Mobile Health Study, a large-scale clinical observational study using ResearchKit.

    March 2017

  • Back on TrackJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    “Back on Track”: A Mobile App Observational Study Using Apple’s ResearchKit Framework

    February 2017

  • CorrieAHA Journals Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes

    Corrie Health Digital Platform for Self-Management in Secondary Prevention After Acute Myocardial Infarction

    May 2019

  • Personal TouchACM Digital Library CHI

    PersonalTouch: Improving Touchscreen Usability by Personalizing Accessibility Settings based on Individual User's Touchscreen Interaction

    May 2019

  • Mole MapperNature Scientific Data Data Descriptors

    The Mole Mapper Study, mobile phone skin imaging and melanoma risk data collected using ResearchKit

    February 2017

  • Autism and BeyondNature npj digital medicine

    Automatic emotion and attention analysis of young children at home: a ResearchKit autism feasibility study

    June 2018

  • GSK PARADEJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    Using a ResearchKit Smartphone App to Collect Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms From Real-World Participants: Feasibility Study

    September 2018

  • PPD Act (Mom Genes Fight PPD)Nature Translational Psychiatry

    PPD ACT: an app-based genetic study of postpartum depression

    November 2018

  • ResearchKit ConsentJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    Consent Processes for Mobile App Mediated Research: Systematic Review

    August 2017

  • ResearchKitJAMIA

    Leveraging mobile health applications for biomedical research and citizen science: a scoping review

    December 2018

  • Healthy PregnancyNature npj digital medicine

    The Healthy Pregnancy Research Program: transforming pregnancy research through a ResearchKit app

    September 2018

  • VegEzeJMIR Publications Formative Research

    The Development of VegEze: Smartphone App to Increase Vegetable Consumption in Australian Adults

    March 2019

  • Sea Hero QuestPNAS

    Toward personalized cognitive diagnostics of at-genetic-risk Alzheimer’s disease

    April 2019

  • GlucoNoteJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    Usage Patterns of GlucoNote, a Self-Management Smartphone App, Based on ResearchKit for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes

    April 2019

  • FeverprintsJGIM

    Using Smartphone Crowdsourcing to Redefine Normal and Febrile Temperatures in Adults: Results from the Feverprints Study

    August 2018

  • FunCapResearchGate Anesthesia & Analgesia

    Development and Pilot Study of an iOS Smartphone Application for Perioperative Functional Capacity Assessment

    September 2019

  • VascTracPLOS One

    Activity data from wearables as an indicator of functional capacity in patients with cardiovascular disease

    March 2021

  • VascTracNature npj digital medicine

    Clinical validation of smartphone-based activity tracking in peripheral artery disease patients

    December 2018

  • StepsConcise Research Reports

    Tracking Steps on Apple Watch at Different Walking Speeds

    April 2018

  • Parkinson’sScience Translational Medicine

    Smartwatch inertial sensors continuously monitor real-world motor fluctuations in Parkinson's disease

    February 2021

  • mPower | Parkinson mPower2Nature Scientific Data Data Descriptors

    The mPower study, Parkinson disease mobile data collected using ResearchKit

    March 2016

  • Locomotive SyndromeJournal of Orthopedic Science

    A nationwide observational study of locomotive syndrome in Japan using the ResearchKit: The Locomonitor study

    November 2019

  • EHR Integration for STI testingJAMIA

    Using REDCap and Apple ResearchKit to integrate patient questionnaires and clinical decision support into the electronic health record to improve sexually transmitted infection testing in the emergency department

    November 2019

  • USC ReconnaisanceJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    Continuous Measurement of Reconnaissance Marines in Training With Custom Smartphone App and Watch: Observational Cohort Study

    June 2020

  • Optical HR sensorsNature npj digital medicine

    Investigating sources of inaccuracy in wearable optical heart rate sensors

    February 2020

  • Luna (dysmenorrhea)JMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    International ResearchKit App for Women with Menstrual Pain: Development, Access, and Engagement

    February 2020

  • MyHeart CountsNature Scientific Data Data Descriptors

    Physical activity, sleep and cardiovascular health data for 50,000 individuals from the MyHeart Counts Study

    April 2019

  • Steps and ActivityJMIR Publications mHealth and uHealth

    Reliability and Validity of Commercially Available Wearable Devices for Measuring Steps, Energy Expenditure, and Heart Rate: Systematic Review

    August 2020

  • GAPCareJMIR Research Protocols

    The Geriatric Acute and Post-Acute Fall Prevention Intervention (GAPcare) II to Assess the Use of the Apple Watch in Older Emergency Department Patients With Falls: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study

    January 2021

  • Apple Heart StudyNew England Journal of Medicine

    Large-Scale Assessment of a Smartwatch to Identify Atrial Fibrillation

    November 2019

  • Warrior WatchJMIR

    Use of Physiological Data From a Wearable Device to Identify SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Symptoms and Predict COVID-19 Diagnosis: Observational Study

    February 2021

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