Powerful tools for building cutting-edge apps.

Bring your ideas to life with two customizable frameworks that make building apps for research and care easy and more efficient. Open source, seamless, and easily accessible through GitHub, our frameworks have been utilized by renowned universities and medical institutions to solve some of the most complex challenges to medical research and patient care. Build in good company with complete data-security and contribute to the code that is transforming the way we approach healthcare.

Our tools help you build richer apps in less time.

Create first-class user interfaces in minutes with carefully architected templates that are the epitome of cutting-edge Apple design.

  • Tap into a suite of advanced features.

  • Join an open source community on GitHub.

  • Get off the ground quickly with sample code.

  • Customize pre-built, thoughtfully designed UI.

  • Feel safe with 100% on device data protection.

Discover what you can create.

Explore each module to get a deeper look at how you can build genuinely seamless, multi-faceted experiences for the medical community.


Build surveys for modal presentation on an iOS device.

Customize visual consent templates.

Implement active tasks to capture sensor data.


Create a care-management plan with tasks.

Display charts that provide insight to a user.

Connect users and help them share data.

Build with ease.

By eliminating a few steps from the development process, we are able to provide simple solutions that result in complex and unique user interfaces.

Easily instantiate a hearing test.

Quickly create a top level view controller.

All the new features. Up close.

See the latest code-along series on how to build a research and care app

Setup Onboarding

Schedule Tasks

Visualize Progress

“Leveraging an open source framework and the work of an engaged and growing community has allowed us to do so much more that we simply wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.”

Quote by Faraz Hussain BiAffect app iOS Developer